A modern remix for millennial love.

Take 5: Respect the Remix

When Take5 approached us for a modern reboot, the candy aisle was full of household names with huge media spends, fighting declining sales and attempting to attract consumers more interested in healthier options.

Modern Consumer Insight

Snacking is at an all-time high with 94% of Americans snacking at least once a day. Also: people who try a TAKE5 Bar are 2.5 times more likely to buy it again. It’s that good.


With low awareness and a small media spend, Take5 needed to get noticed in a highly competitive category, among a generation of consumers trained to ignore traditional advertising.


TAKE5 established itself as the ultimate remixed snack by giving consumers a fresh take on the things they know and love. TAKE5 created experiential sampling initiatives for relevant hot spots that allowed the brand to connect directly with the target via social channels.


Swap Your Swag at SXSW with Hershey’s TAKE5 Exchange

Swapping awful swag at SXSW

Hershey’s Take 5 Let SXSW Festivalgoers Exchange Swag for Things They Actually Wanted: Targeting millennials by solving a consumer problem

NEW! Hershey’s TAKE5 Lets SXSW Attendees Trade Swag For Things They’ll Use



Fastest growing candy bar in the entire category


Increase in overall brand awareness


Increase in sales