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Changing a category by going from dark to light.

Terminix: Brand transformation, creative and design system.

For nearly a century, Terminix was a brand synonymous with the death and destruction of the creepy pests that fill every homeowner’s worst nightmares. But when a new generation of homeowners began to question the reactive, defensive approaches of the past, the brand needed a new identity that spanned both inside and outside the organization — and fast.

Modern Consumer Insight

73% of our core audience care for the upkeep of their home like they would a family member. Home is family and protecting it is an act of love.


We needed to skip the scare tactics Terminix competitors rely on and position the brand as a proactive partner in protecting the pure joy of home – so they could better serve more customers, care for more homes and deliver more profitable growth. To do so, Terminix needed more than a new advertising campaign, they needed a whole brand transformation that rallied internal employees and technicians, sparked content creation ideas, ignited national media placements all while delivering financial results.


We created a rally cry: Protect the Pure Joy of Home. This became an internal mission and a consumer promise all wrapped into one. We took the brand from defending home to loving home by shifting our focus to the pure joy that only a home can hold. This core idea was not only embraced by the internal workforce, but also permeated through every aspect of the whole brand from National Broadcast to local direct mail.



Increase in Media-Attributed Units Sold


Increase on Web Traffic


37% Improvement in Cost per Incremental Web Visit