Scary social experimentation.

Women’s Foundation: A Scary Truth—The Wage Gap

The Women's Foundation is committed to closing the gender pay gap for women and their families. We set out to build awareness, create conversation and encourage action around this serious, fundamentally human issue.

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On average, women earn about 80 cents for every dollar men make, and women of color make even less—yet it’s difficult to truly envision how unfair this really is.


We needed to illustrate the absurdity of the wage gap and inspire people to take action, so that pay inequality isn’t something young girls will ever have to deal with when they grow up.


We conducted a social experiment that took the issue to the ultimate experts-in-fairness: kids. In A Scary Truth: The Wage Gap, adorable young trick-or-treaters are outraged when they realize the girls receive less Halloween candy than the boys.



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