An iconic experience for a new age of consumers.

Vanity Fair Lingerie

To commemorate its 100th birthday, Vanity Fair Lingerie wanted us to create a memorable brand experience celebrating a century of iconic, fabulous design.

Modern Consumer Insight

Thanks to a deep understanding of the mindset of the Vanity Fair Lingerie shopper, this moment was about more than just an anniversary. Modern consumers don’t want to just hear about an anniversary, they want to be part of the celebration. 


Considered one of America’s first lingerie brands, Vanity Fair needed this moment to prove to the young, female modern consumer that it was primed and ready for the next 100 years. We needed to develop a multi-channel, holistic brand experience that both celebrated and elevated its heritage. 


We embraced Vanity Fair’s iconic history and record-setting milestone by partnering with Vogue — the ultimate aspirational brand — for an unforgettable celebration. The celebration included an VIP gala in New York City, a custom spread in Vogue’s March issue, an article on, custom social content and a dynamic social media video.



Vogue March Issue Reach


Total Digital Impressions


Vintage Vanity Fair looks from archive, including the first silk lingerie set from 1920’s and a negligee worn by Jane Fonda, and the unveiling of the brand’s newest collection that year: Nearly Invisible.