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Rap Battle

WingStop Rap Battle

When a competitor ten times your size mentions you on Twitter, you step up to that social media microphone and seize every moment of the opportunity you’ve been gifted.

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Hip-hop feuds are pretty common—think of the legendary bad blood between artists like Biggie and Tupac, 50 Cent and Rick Ross. So when the most retweeted brand of all time was ready to brawl, we knew our audience would appreciate a war words.


As a QSR brand with a culturally relevant voice and crave-worthy social flavor, we wanted to capitalize on this spotlight. We used a simple Twitter brawl with a major brand to help catapult WIngstop to higher numbers of impressions. 


When a Twitter user called out Wendy’s to respond to one of Wingstop’s rap lyric tweets, all Twitter-hell broke loose. The two brands posted rap lyrics back-and-forth for hours, until a truce was finally called—but not before garnering 207.8 million impressions, and making real waves in pop culture without spending a dime.







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