Lead Forensics

A sing-along social strategy that inspires community.


In the midst of a pandemic, Winnebago’s boundless adventurers were bound to their homes, just itching to get back behind the wheel. Instead of dwelling on what was keeping them in, we decided to focus on the road ahead.

Modern Consumer Insight

Winnebago owners love to show off their rig. As in-person meetups were put on hold due to COVID-19, social media provided an avenue to fulfill consumer desires for connection—and create some entertaining distraction in a way that was tailored to this unprecedented moment. 


The brand needed a strategy to help them stay relevant to fans overloaded with more pressing concerns. In a world of unprecedented anxiety—and with a tiny budget— maintaining and building on a distinct feeling of connection for this unique community of consumers would provide a vital opportunity to do just that. 


Since they couldn’t get together in person, On the Road Again was a call to Winnebago’s social community, asking them to share their memories, their voices in song, and a little bit of optimism of travels past in order to inspire the travels ahead. We created a video that serves as a rallying cry for community eager to come together and keep morale high as they gear up to hit the road again.