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Independence is our unfair advantage

Independence is a state-of-mind for Barkley partners and a creative brief for our entire organization, from New York to Boulder. It’s the creative condition that keeps us nimble as an organization, brave in our careers, making things that mean something, and investing in the brands we work with—free from the anxiety of staying relevant.

Independence empowers every partner to create the free-thinking culture we need to do our best work…


“Independence really doesn’t matter by itself,” says our CEO, Jeff King. “It’s what we do with it that makes a difference. For me, the most important thing is our ability to make better decisions. We can think long-term versus short-term. We can invest in culture and our clients. We can focus on adding good. We can give back to our community and spend time doing things that make a difference.”

And it’s an unfair advantage that’s worked for us for 50 years and running. Check out this short video, produced by Barkley Films, to hear more on this heritage of independence.


jennifer mazi

January 22, 2019

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