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Barkley partners volunteer group at the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge

Barkley Does Good Day

What a great “Good Day”! On September 19, 2012, Barkley partners completed approximately 700 hours of volunteer time, which is the equivalent to just over 86 days or 2.5 months. Amazing!  Below is a brief recap of some of the awesome work that was completed.

ACS Hope Lodge

The Hope Lodge serves as a home away from home for patients undergoing cancer treatments and their caregivers. People are able to stay free of charge for as long as needed and have the added benefit of being surrounded with compassionate people who understand the challenges they’re facing.

Barkley partners, with team leader Stephanie Hague, were on the move the entire time and knocked out an unbelievable amount of quality work! The main task for the day was to complete a makeover on the Hope Lodge’s existing art. The Barkley team dismantled, spray painted reassembled and hung approximately 80 new pieces of art in the Hope Lodge guest rooms. The best part? We replaced the outdated pieces they had with brand new art that was supplied by Barkley partners! Our group also made a great Mexican lunch for those staying at the Hope Lodge and helped organize and clean several areas.


    Mattie Rhodes Center

    For nearly 120 years, Mattie Rhodes Center has supported Kansas City’s low-income neighborhoods by providing family services, cultural arts and community support with a goal of creating healthy families. The center focuses primarily on the local Latino communities. During Good Day, Barkley partners helped prepare for the annual Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival and celebration. An important holiday for the Latino community, Dia de los Muertos is a time when families honor the returning spirits of those who have passed on.

    Sara Buck and her team of Barkley partners made 100 paper marigolds, cut out 400 masks, made 125 sugar skulls and cut and tied countless loops of ribbon. All was in preparation for upcoming children’s arts workshops when the Center will welcome thousands of local children.



    As this area’s only food bank, Harvesters is a clearinghouse for the collection and distribution of food and related household products. Their network includes more than 620 nonprofit agencies throughout our 26-county direct service area, including emergency food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, children’s homes, homes for the mentally disabled and shelters for battered persons. Their network provides food assistance to as many as 66,000 different people each week.

    Team leader Melissa Schlagle and her group helped sort, weigh and package more than one ton of elbow macaroni!


    Rose Brooks

    About 35 Barkley partners, including team leader Valerie Schlosser, shuttled out to the Rose Brooks campus to visit with their Director of Volunteers and learn more about the organization before setting off to work.  Joan took great care in welcoming our group and describing for us the mission at Rose Brooks to provide safety and shelter to those in the wake of domestic abuse. After one woman was attacked and saved when her dog threw himself between her and her attacker, they became the first in the region and only the second in the nation to accept pets in their shelter as well.

    Four teams fanned out to help:

    • Mow and manicure the lawn,
    • Bake and cook in the kitchen,
    • Clean and disinfect in places like the gym/wellness center, and
    • Fold and sort clothes in Rosie’s Closet, which provides clothing and necessities to the women and children staying at the shelter.

    What would normally have been a typical Wednesday turned out to be quite extraordinary. Way to go, Team Barkley!

    Cristina Martinez

    September 24, 2012

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