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Barkley ECD Katy Hornaday To Chair AMP Awards

Our ECD, Katy Hornaday, just received another honor to add to her long list of who’s-who-in-the-ad-world awards—and we’re especially proud of this one.

This time, she’s been named chairperson for the 2019 AMP Awards for Music & Sound in New York City. In the position, she’ll advise the competition on creative standards and lead its Curatorial Committee, which selects the competition’s prestigious Best in Show winner.

“I’ve always thought of [music] as a character,” she says on how music and sound can be an essential element in creative work. “Sometimes it’s a lead character, and sometimes it’s a supporting character, but it’s always fun to see where it can take you. In essence, music and sound can bring emotion to a piece that nothing else can.”

Read more here, here or here.

(Photo credit: Travis Kramer, Barkley VP, managing design director—Ocean Way Studio in Nashville, TN.)



jennifer mazi

February 14, 2019

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