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Becoming Justin Bieber

Justin Bieberque team What do Justin Bieber and Kansas City barbecue have in common? Pretty much everythi…okay, absolutely nothing. At least, up until this past weekend’s UMB Smokin’ Vault Barbecue Competition. During the annual two-day event, UMB associates team up to try to out-grill each other and hopefully win a spot in the acclaimed American Royal Barbeque Competition. This year, Barkley had its very own team: Justin Bieberque.

The name garnered quite a bit of attention on the American Royal grounds. T-shirts, aprons, and even Bieber-esque flat-billed hats sported the name that took home top honors in the Team Name Competition.

And of course, what barbeque team named after a 16-year old pop sensation would be complete without its own music video? That’s right, Barkley’s UMB team channeled their inner hair-flipping pop star to create their own version of “Baby Baby.” Take a look, and you may just become a Belieber.

Photo courtesy of Bryan Herrman

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May 7, 2012

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