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The Deeper Game: Missouri Lottery Ads Reunite Beloved Teachers With Former Students

The Missouri Lottery is a favorite Barkley client (and has been for some 18 years). It’s not just that the people are great to work with; the Missouri Lottery really does Add Good, with more than $5 billion given back to public schools.

Our ongoing campaign to promote the Missouri Lottery as a non-profit for education is Play It Forward. In this campaign, we try to show how every ticket played makes a difference for Missouri students and teachers.


This year, we focused on teachers’ power to change students’ lives. We sought out great stories from former Missouri students about their most influential teachers, then selected two teacher-student pairs to reunite. To capture these real stories, we hired a talented young director with a gift for working with non-actors. The result is work we’re incredibly proud of.

If these ads inspire people to a deeper understanding of the profound connection that the Missouri Lottery supports, that may be enough. If that makes them buy more scratchers, so much the better.

Most of us have our own stories of teachers who influenced us. If you have one, share it with us on Facebook.


Jim Howard

December 23, 2016

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