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Good Works: Fun Fitness Friday

redBridgeYClub-small.png Running, jumping and playing capture the flag was more than just fun for the kids at the Y Club After School programs. It was all part of a lesson on having a healthy lifestyle.

In the Fall of 2011, my significant other and I started a youth program with the YMCA called “Fun Fitness Friday” and we’ve been spreading the fun and fitness to after school programs across Kansas City. We both have a desire to help kids learn about why maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so important at a young age, and to show them how easy it is to implement these good habits into your daily life. Through Fun Fitness Friday sessions we are striving to keep the kids in Y Clubs excited about exercise, eating well and having an overall positive attitude!

We have already reached three schools in Kansas City and are seeing a positive impact of the program.  In each session we incorporate key learnings with fun activities, and end with “Fun Work” that the kids take home and complete.  During the next session the kids redeem their completed Fun Work for tickets to a raffle at our wrap up party. The kids really seem to enjoy the “Fun Work,” which ranges from challenging them to exercise for an hour each day to making a healthy meal at home.

The sessions will continue this summer at many of the summer YMCA camps and start up again once school is back in session.

Working with the kids brings its own kind of joy. It is rewarding to know that we are touching their lives in a positive way, and in return they are  bringing joy to ours. Sharing knowledge with children at a young age about how to live a healthy lifestyle should be one of the most important things we as adults do; helping children be their best physically, mentally and spiritually. Nothing beats a bunch of kids with a positive attitude and a long life ahead of them!


June 27, 2012

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