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Muse Series: Man About Man On Wire

We’re big on inspiration here. As a creative ideas company, we have to be. To us, ideas are currency—because the brands with the most creative ideas are the brands that win.

Win respect. Win loyalty. Win big skrilla.

This mad pursuit of creative ideas requires us to look everywhere for them, which is why our entire organization spent some time last year collecting and sharing our muses: people (real or not) who make us believe anything’s possible. Muses tell us about our values, beliefs and the kinds of lives we aspire to. And often times, they lead us right to that murky place where the best ideas are born.

For writer, teacher and possibilitarian Jim Howard, that muse is Phillipe Petite, the daring tightrope walker whose iconic feats serve as a metaphor for balance.

He writes:

“It takes length and heft to stabilize a body on a wire humming in the wind a thousand feet up between skyscrapers. What are you balancing? Work/family. Art/commerce. Your idea/The Brief. Your heart/head.

The systole/diastole of life. You step out. Another step. Keep stepping. Come back. Go again. It’s the same walk, but can you take it farther?”

Apply this to creativity, Howard says, you might just find yourself on the verge of something fresh and mysterious.

Read his essay here. Then go make something.

jennifer mazi

January 24, 2019

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