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Preview: Consumer of the Future

Full of noise, constant competition and easy access to just about everything, the modern market is full of brands doing anything to stand out, while consumers too often respond by shutting off. Potent modern brands understand why: they listen to and study consumers, then evolve to meet their needs.

It’s our business to help brands get to know their consumers, to connect with them through ideas worth advertising, not just advertising ideas, and not just for now, but for what’s next. Our commitment to knowing modern consumers better than anyone inspired our latest research study, conducted in partnership with Jefferies and Accenture. We shared the findings at our first ever “Consumer of the Future” conference in New York last month, bringing together subject matter experts, brand managers and provocative insights that lead to unfair advantages for those in the know.

“This kind of research helps drive smart investment decisions for brands looking to evolve to meet the needs of modern and future consumers,” says Chad Nicholson, VP, Business Strategy Director at Barkley. “And depending on what category those brands are in determines what consumers expect of them.

While we’re busy turning the data into white papers and webinars, here’s a sneak peek at some key takeaways:

  • Apparel: Don’t underestimate the emotional connection. Survey data suggests that retailers who find innovative ways to deliver a personalized, emotional connection with consumers get a leg up on the competition. Think American Eagle and Urban Outfitters.
  • QSR: Give consumers access…their way. Survey data reinforced accessibility as the priority for fast food consumers, helping to validate the industry’s current investment in mobile/digital and off promise/delivery. They also want a personalized experience and expect restaurants to accommodate accordingly. Think Mod Pizza and Del Taco.
  • Beauty: Simplifying routines lead to emotional connection. Research shows product innovation and marketing communications that simplify consumers’ hectic lives lead to genuine connections and loyalty to brands that deliver. Think Glossier and Ulta.

Key themes: Accessibility across all platforms, clear product and people strategies, and emotional brand connections.

Check back here later this month for more insights.

jennifer mazi

November 15, 2018

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