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Social Media Command Centers, Revisited

We recently came across this post by Jeremiah Owyang and, considering we’ve been dipping our toes into the social media command center pool so frequently lately, we figured it was worth sharing. While Jeremiah offers a great list of brands that are leveraging the idea (a couple of our recent projects even made the list! See #11 & #13), there are a few takeaways that really resonated with us.

It’s a tactic, not a solution.
Before you even think about pitching a sexy social powerhouse for your next campaign, event or contest, let’s get one thing straight. Creating a social media command center should be viewed as a single tactic, which along with other well-thought-out tactics, ladders up to a larger strategy that encompasses all of your brand’s social goals and objectives. In other words, something of this nature is simply a means to an end, not the elusive golden ticket.

One size fits all…NOT.
Just because some companies have been extremely successful with social command centers doesn’t mean your brand needs one, too. Think about it: is your brand on every social media site under the sun because they all make strategic sense? Probably not. Always think about the long-term implications before you become too distracted by the industry’s newest shiny object. Social command centers typically require a lot of resources to get up and running, let alone maintained. Is something like this sustainable for your business?

Weigh your options.
There will never be a monopoly on social command centers. Inevitably you will soon be faced with multiple third party organizations willing to sell you an engagement center. That being the case, knowing how this tool fits into your overall strategy will be essential to making the right choice. Jeremiah’s blog post offers a nice checklist for top level requirements. Knowing how your resources and needs align with this list will be extremely helpful in making an informed decision, should the time come.

With that, it’s worth mentioning that no fancy command center will ever be needed in order to provide an awesome customer engagement experience on social media. Simply being proactive, a good listener and having a solid internal customer service workflow is usually enough to warrant A+ reviews.

Either from your personal or professional experience, what is one thing a brand should consider before building a social media command center?

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Kim Knott

August 31, 2012

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