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Wingstop Creates First-ever Auction on Periscope with THUMP

In celebration of National Chicken Wing Day, Wingstop and Barkley teamed up to deliver THUMP by Wingstop, the world’s first auction on Periscope.

It was a first-of-its-kind activation, and a landmark usage of the Periscope platform.

On July 28-29, thousands of wing enthusiasts flocked to Wingstop’s Periscope account to win exclusive Wingstop goods and other prizes. During each auction, a behind-the-scenes app created by Barkley partner 40Digits calculated how many hearts each participant was tapping. The fan who tapped (or THUMPed) the most hearts in each auction won.

Up for grabs were prizes like a golden turntable, a $1500 VIP concert experience, custom Nikes, merch from the newly minted Wing Shop, and, to cap it all, a year’s worth of free Wingstop.

It wasn’t the first time Wingstop has prioritized Periscope as an outreach and engagement channel. Barkley has also worked with Wingstop to deliver live backstage footage from the #WingstopVIP Green Room at SXSW and Brooklyn Hip-Hop Fest. Wingstop and Barkley also used Periscope to break the news of Paxton Lynch signing to the Denver Broncos at a private watch party hosted by the rookie and his agent and sponsored by Wingstop.

But THUMP by Wingstop was a whole different ballgame.

First was the challenge of hacking the platform. Periscope does not offer an API to let developers build in-platform apps. Without giving away the secret sauce, 40Digits found a method using data from Periscope’s public browser app to harness data points such as hearts per user generated in realtime, all without violating Periscope’s terms of service.

40Digits then fed this data into a virtual interface where users went head to head in trying to out-heart — or out-THUMP — one another before the clock ran out.

Paid Twitter videos and congratulatory shout outs drove people to the auctions. Snapchat stories gave followers an inside peek at the prizes coming up for each THUMP round. Positioned within a command center at Barkley, a THUMP moderator (our own Marissa Horwitz) interacted with fans in realtime.

THUMP by Wingstop and the buzz around National Chicken Wing Day led to Wingstop seeing some incredible metrics:


  • 80% sentiment
  • 65 days of live video consumed
  • Heart increase from 9,432 to 826,118, taking Wingstop above brands like Taco Bell, Red Bull, Chipotle and even the White House
  • 8600% heart increase in 33 hours
  • 7,560 Twitter mentions @ 5.25 mentions per minute (100% increase over average)

It was a thunderous success.

Of course, the question on every wing lover’s mind: will THUMP by Wingstop ride again?

As Barkley Creative Director Katy Hornaday told the Drum: “Our fans clearly had a blast with this. We’re already thinking about how to gamify it in different ways and ‘Thump’ will be around for as long as we can keep getting it to work.”

Jason Harper

August 10, 2016

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