REI Introduction

It’s become harder than ever to capture attention in today’s fragmented channels. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we don’t just help clients capture it, but keep it, build on it and get a great return on their digital media investments.

We’ve been serving DMOs for more than 17 years, with award-winning work in travel and tourism. We’ve also developed brand experiences and campaigns for higher education and non-profits. Our clients tend to come back for more, so our strategists, developers, designers, media buyers and data analytics nerds stay busy on all fronts.

Measurable results are indispensable in digital. It’s not just about increasing traffic, although we routinely do that. It’s about driving the traffic toward what you’re offering, developing real customer relationships and creating an ecosystem of channels and actions where everything feeds everything else. That’s where BarkleyREI shines.

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REI Capabilities

  • Digital Strategy

  • Interactive Design

  • Website Development

  • Content Marketing

  • Digital Advertising 

  • Web & Campaign Analytics
  • Social Media