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Make life pop.

Adding the pop back to an iconic candy brand.

Despite its impressively high brand recognition, Dum-Dums was losing traction in an increasingly cluttered and innovation-fueled candy aisle. The brand was ready to embark on its first advertising program in over 50 years, aiming to re-energize its iconic brand which had become “hidden in plain sight.”


Our challenge was to unlock the equity of this nostalgic brand and (1) increase the frequency of Dum-Dums purchases from past, current & occasional buyers, and (2) increase relevance amongst a younger audience, convincing them to add Dum-Dums to their candy repertoire.

Modern Consumer Insight

Now more than ever consumers long for simpler, happier times. Ask consumers what they think about when you say “Dum-Dums” and they’ll tell you it’s that feeling of joy they get when rooting around in a bowl and finding their favorite flavor. Dum-Dums gives them that “kid in a candy store” feeling, reminding them how sweet life can be.


Our advertising for Dum-Dums used the lollipops themselves (with their iconic shape and colorful wrappers) to tell a handful of sweet, emotional stories. In each spot the brand was the catalyst for joy, exploring universal themes of love, family, and friendship. 30- and 15-second cuts were used across social media and streaming services.

In 2022, we recreated the magic around the Halloween holiday (obviously, the biggest time of the year for candy sales). Following the same construct, we invented a spooky world full of joyful moments, with our classic candy inextricably woven in. We re-instituted the same winning channel strategy, with an increased focus on engagement for this effort.


  • 12.7

    estimated brand lift on Facebook (compared to 5.4 CPG industry average)

  • 66.97%

    engagement rate on Facebook ads; 22.8% engagement rate across social platforms

  • ~15MM

    video views.

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