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Restaurant: Fogo de Chão

Meat dreams.

Bath balms + brunch ballads.

Fogo de Chão, the fine dining establishment rooted in the Brazilian churrasco experience, wanted to showcase its indulgent Bone-In Beef Shank to drive traffic and revenue during the fiercely competitive holiday season. 

Fogo Meat Dreams Relax Kit

Due to supply chain considerations, Bone-In Beef Shank was only offered for brunch despite being Fogo’s hero cut. Success with Fogo’s target consumers – adventurous Food Explorers who are always looking out for the next new dish – would require dispelling standard conceptions of brunch foods.

Modern Consumer Insight

Food Explorers are drawn to culinary experiences that are difficult to recreate at home. As such, the meticulous preparation demanded by bone-in beef shank adds to the cut’s allure. Framing the Bone-In Beef Shank as an exclusive, scarce offering, would entice curious Food Explorers to do what they do best and lead with their sense of adventure. To these diners, life doesn’t get better than gathering with loved ones over foods and experiences they dare not create at home.


To craft savory, fall-off-the-bone beef shank, it takes a slow, 12-hour cook. So while Fogo spent the next 12 hours preparing brunch, we invited Food Explorers to prepare themselves with relaxing remedies designed to make it a restful dusk so they would be prepared to dine the next day. These media and PR initiatives included:

  • A “Brunch Ballads" Playlist on Spotify and Soundcloud, 

  • A “Meat Dreams” Beef Shank silky sleep mask

  • Custom Bone-In Beef Shank Scented Bath Bomb,

  • Fogo-branded Do Not Disturb sign to hang on the doorknob, 

  • A $150 Gift Card to Fogo de Chão.


  • 61

    influencers activated.

  • 227

    social media placements.

  • 11MM

    impressions tracked.

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