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“For You” campaign.

Moving a new audience to action.

Motel 6 was seen as a commodity purchase, not a place guests drove the extra mile to stay. Our task was to shift the perception of Motel 6 to become the brand our audience prefers.


While we knew we needed to redesign the brand around our guests, we wanted to protect the things that made this brand so iconic to begin with: its tagline — We’ll leave the light for you — and spokesperson, Tom Bodett.

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The guests who stay at Motel 6 aren’t just Economy Lodgers, they’re Economy Movers– the often overlooked, misunderstood budget travelers who keep our economy moving — from blue collar to essential workers, to the trucker drivers who we all rely on. Motel 6 can’t just be the brand they prefer, we need to be the brand they deserve.


The “For You” campaign gives Motel 6’s iconic tagline an empathetic twist, shining a light on the guests we leave our light on for. It is supported by a long term commitment to know, help and celebrate this incredibly inspiring audience.


  • 900M

    impressions across broadcast, radio, streaming audio, social, digital, owned and earned channels.

  • 60%

    increase in revenue versus same period pre-pandemic.

  • 30%

    increase in reservations versus same period pre-pandemic.

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