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Altitude Go + Connect.

U.S. Bank: Get more + more + more.

U.S. Bank came to us when it wanted to launch two new consumer credit card products into the market under its new Altitude platform. To differentiate itself in a crowded category, U.S. Bank would need to deliver more than well-articulated benefits.

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In a category of “always earning” or “unattainable aspiration,” banks are communicating to consumers with little variation. From scenes of everyday grocery shopping to getaways on the beach, every bank is speaking to consumers in the same way – general and vague and only about the percentages or point values. It’s either uninspiring or too aspirational. And it doesn’t connect those rewards to what they actually mean for people’s lives.

Modern Consumer Insight

We live vertical, always looking for ways to go deeper on the things we love. From niche Facebook groups, to deep Reddit conversations, to Netflix sub-genres, no matter the subject, our sweet-spot audience looks to learn more, discover more, and dive deep into the depths of the topic. Dining and travel deep dives are an experiential way to recharge for everyday life.


Simply put, no credit card is obsessive about their customers’ obsessions. Until now. We created “Get More and More and More,” which became more than a campaign for U.S. Bank. It became the brand’s way to prove that the Altitude Go and Connect cards were designed to keep rewarding customers the more they experienced their passion. This connection of using rewards to drive experiences that drive more rewards became the nudge to get our audience to go out and chase the experiences they love the most more. And get rewarded for it.


  • 74K

    generated Altitude Go digital accounts.

  • 56%

    of account applications have come from existing customers.

  • 100K

    goal reached for Go accounts (across all channels, including Direct Mail, Branch, etc.)

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