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Relaunching an iconic website.

Winnebago: relaunching an iconic website.

Winnebago came to Barkley with an ambitious scope: relaunch one of the automotive industry’s most iconic brands. Included in this assignment was a critical project, redesigning the brand’s two primary domains: and

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The existing websites lacked a lead capture mechanism and fell short of communicating Winnebago’s compelling narrative. Furthermore, the entire domain was divided into disparate microsites with unique addresses, diluting the overall digital experience.

Modern Consumer Insight is a critical resource for Winnebago, providing a vital inroad to a customer experience funnel that is generally the domain of third-party dealerships. While not customer-facing, handles over 300,000 unique visitors per year, functioning as a valuable human resources platform, recruitment tool, and brand showcase. It became clear that these two websites represented the central columns of the online presence. As such, the domains needed to amplify the brand story through a cohesive message, better interactivity, and a mature visual design.


Barkley kicked off the engagement with a comprehensive audit of Winnebago’s domains, as well as those of its top three competitors. Following this, Barkley built an entirely new information architecture, informed by our red thread, for both and This new IA folded in half a dozen disconnected microsites, creating a connected web presence under a simpler, unified platform. Barkley also built a visually immersive filterable hierarchy of products on the homepage that empowers visitors, including dealership reps, to intuitively explore and drill into the entire vehicle portfolio. This interactivity is underpinned by a cohesive brand story, built for a unique automotive consumer journey (which can often span years).

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