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The Whole Brand Project

We are committed to learning and sharing what really works for brands based on what people want, need, + expect from the brands they choose. This goes above and beyond our daily work for clients. It is a proactive investment based on our mission to build a world with more whole brands that consider all stakeholders. That’s why we created the Whole Brand Project, our ever-evolving lab + think tank for studying and celebrating how whole brands win compared to their fragmented counterparts: leveraging a spectrum of creative ideas, from advertising to sustainability.

Key to this are insights that fuel success in financial growth, organizational performance + positive impact on people, communities, and the planet. It’s a collection of experiments, predictions, compelling data, sharp POVs, + useful ideas to build brands the world needs.

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A Whole Brand Deep Dive

Most organizations measure a brand’s success in the rearview. We set out to predict it, developing a measurement for an entire organization across multiple dimensions to match how people, not marketers, see and experience brands. The result?

Our latest: Zoom out. Success through the whole brand lens

We took four years of data studying total brand performance, 19,000 consumers, 200 brands in 40 categories — and generated a single number that can predict what brands dominate the market AND win the hearts of consumers . . . and why.

We’re not saying this is easy work for brands looking for relevance in the modern market, but the evidence is overwhelming.

Want to see how your brand scores on our Whole Brand Index? Take our self-assessment survey today and see for yourself.

Download our Whole Brand 2023 report.
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From hard data to how-to guides for building a whole brand, these powerful resources drive our decisions, our work and even our own brand.

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