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Food + Beverage: NatureSweet

Tomatoes raised right.

Creating a ripe environment for the best tomatoes.

NatureSweet produces the highest quality, greenhouse-grown tomatoes and veggies in the business—guaranteed to taste amazing 365 days of the year. Yes, they plant and water, and fertilize, but they also grow a culture of holistic opportunity and self-development for their agricultural team. You see, what really drives NatureSweet is helping their beloved “Associates” cultivate a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities. With every bite, consumers experience a sweet pop of flavor and do their own little part in transforming lives.


Create a strategy and platform that cultivates preference and even passion for a brand in a traditionally unbranded category — produce — by telling the deeper, richer story happening behind their greenhouse doors. 

Ultimately, it should be the Associates’ hard work and dedicated human touch that have consumers reaching for the NatureSweet “clamshell” over their branded and unbranded competitors.

Modern Consumer Insight

Millennial and Gen Z consumers are invested in what can be done to make the world a better place. They crave authenticity and transparency and are drawn to purpose-driven brands that recognize the social, environmental and ethical issues they care about: sustainability, fair and equitable business practices, and — for Gen Z — diversity and inclusion.   


We seeded the idea that NatureSweet Associates are the ultimate “Plant Parents” — and the core reason why NatureSweet tomatoes are the sweetest, brightest, and most flavorful you can buy. See their stories here:


  • NatureSweet Associates are like really really good parents. 

  • They nurture and pamper their tomatoes all their growing lives. 

  • They provide a happy, loving home life. 

  • And they give them every advantage—so when they go out into the world, they’re the very best they can be. 

  • NatureSweet tomatoes are TOMATOES RAISED RIGHT.

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