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Find your big fitness energy.

Creating instant fitness feels.

Planet Fitness has a unique model and, as a brand, has always bucked the trends within the fitness category by offering affordability, accessibility, and a Judgement Free Zone. 


Currently, 80% of the U.S. population doesn’t belong to a gym because they don’t feel like they belong in fitness. 

Coming out of COVID, Planet Fitness needed a strategy to create that belonging with Gen Z. Together, Barkley + Planet Fitness focused on the instant benefits of fitness, not the long-term unrealistic results the category obsesses over. 


The world is out of energy. In fact, 3 in 5 Americans feel more tired now than they’ve ever been in their lives.

This national wave of exhaustion has created a barrier for the 80%, who feel like they don’t have enough energy for their daily tasks, let alone going to the gym. 

Ironically, it is well-studied that adding fitness to your life increases energy levels. 

So how could Planet Fitness, the world’s largest gym brand, show the world they could solve their low energy problem? 


Introducing Low-E, a very fake pharmaceutical campaign and strategy, solving a very real energy problem. 

The Low-E campaign launched on New Year’s Eve. But knowing that New Year’s Day is the most hungover day of the year, PF partnered with Grubhub to create the Hang Offer – the perfect hangover-curing combo of a gym membership, electrolytes, and free order delivery – even influencers were cured. 

As the conversation swelled on the internet, the world began to ask, “Do I have low-E?” 

For them, we created the Low-E home test kit. A kit that could unscientifically prove that a person is positive for Low-E. 


  • 2.4B

    eared media impressions.

  • 1.4MM

    joins in January 2023 (up 25% YoY).

  • #1

    brand in ad awareness (via January 2023 YouGov with a 9.9 increase).

  • 45%

    YoY increase in consideration among active Gen Zers.

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