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Introducing Mother Fitness

It's not nice to fool with Mother Fitness.

The fitness world is full of energy-draining barriers: intimidation, sleazy upsells, and fitspo fakes, to name a few. It’s why 80% of people do not currently have a gym membership; these barriers make them feel like they’ll never belong. 

Planet Fitness is different — built to offer affordable access to a quality gym that’s completely Judgement Free. On New Year's Eve, Planet Fitness set out to differentiate itself from the fitness category to drive new member joins.


The fitness industry has spent decades telling people how to work out, what to wear, and forcing them to pay a ton of money to fit into their standards. It’s exclusive, intimidating, and just plain toxic. These barriers make joining the gym overwhelming - especially in January when the category is at its peak level of judgment. Our challenge was to cut through the toxic noise of the industry and prove that Big Fitness Energy is for ALL in the Judgement Free Zone.

Modern Consumer Insight

Low energy is the top non-physical wellness concern among consumers. Yet an intimidating, exclusive category often makes fitness feel more like an energy drainer, than an energy boost.


Introducing Mother Fitness. To prove the Judgement Free Zone removes the barriers to fitness to boost energy for ALL, we recruited Megan Thee Stallion, the world’s most empowering, outspoken fitness queen, as Mother Fitness.  Mother Fitness is the omnipotent, benevolent Goddess of Judgement Free who rescues her hotties from toxic gyms and shows them there’s a better place to work out: Planet Fitness.

This fully integrated campaign positively proclaimed Planet Fitness as THE place for all to belong in fitness, free from intimidation and full of energy for all.

  • Live Performance. To ensure the campaign reached 80%, it kicked off with a Mother Fitness live performance in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

  • TV Spot. Directed by filmmaker Calmatic, the spot captures Mother Fitness as she senses negative gym behavior and vanquishes it by harnessing the power of the Judgement Free Zone®.

  • #SquatGirlFit challenge. Mother Fitness ruled on social by encouraging her “Hotties” to show off their Big Fitness Energy by doing 10 squats with whatever they have nearby to use as a weight. 

  • AR Filters. Thanks to Mother Fitness’ mystical mirror, users were gifted positive AHHfirmations straight from the gym goddess herself. 

  • Thee Judgement Free Collection. We helped communities everywhere with an exclusive, limited edition merch collab created with Megan herself: Thee Judgement Free Collection, where all sale profits* were donated to her organization, The Pete & Thomas Foundation.


  • 6%

    increase in NYE ad awareness (YoY).

  • 2.5%+

    increase in overall consideration (YoY).

  • 98%

    positive sentiment on social (up 73% YoY).

  • 3.7B

    earned impressions since campaign launch.

Mother Fitness says ...

“Working out is such an important part of my routine, so this partnership with Planet Fitness genuinely embodies my personal values," said Megan Thee Stallion. "We want to encourage everyone to prioritize their physical and mental health heading into the New Year so they can reach new heights in 2024 and continue to grow into the best version of themselves.”

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“Music plays a huge role in any fitness routine, so Planet Fitness is thrilled to be teaming up with Megan Thee Stallion to break down the barriers of fitness," said Jamie Medeiros, Chief Brand Officer at Planet Fitness. "(She continues to) help everyone focus on their fitness journeys, the 'Judgement Free' way, and channel their Big Fitness Energy™.”

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