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As a well-known brand, Red Lobster sought to boost its cultural clout, especially with younger guests. As one of America's most popular pre-prom destinations for high schoolers nationwide, it was perfectly positioned to assert its relevance for the coming-of-age formal affair. So with our new red thread in mind, we asked: how can we cement Red Lobster’s role as the most fun-fancy destination for this year’s prom-goers?


We needed to reach younger audiences and cement our place as a brand that’s not just devoured but thought of and sought after when they’re feeling fun-fancy.

Modern Consumer Insight

As a practical generation that values standing out more than fitting in, today’s prom-goers are on the hunt for unique ways to one-up their experience – without one-upping the bill.


We invented the "Prom Drip Bib," a highly fashionable and functional bib to protect kids' fun-fancy drip from drips. After building intrigue with teaser content, we dropped these “drip bibs” on Red Lobster’s social channels in limited quantities and made them available via a custom website. The result? A wildly successful "drip drop" that saw inventory wiped out within minutes and captured the attention of prom icons like Men’s Warehouse. It worked so nicely that we did it twice. Two drops, each with 250 bibs that were gone in under 2 minutes, cemented Red Lobster as the preferred pre-Prom destination for teens everywhere.


  • 100%

    Prom Drip Bibs claimed within minutes.

  • 1.3MM

    PR impressions.

  • 10K

    PR site visits

  • 10

    score on TrendHunter at launch.

  • 1.6MM

    Giphy views in the first week.

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