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Innovating a flavorful food adventure.

Innovating a flavorful food adventure.

Riceland needed to transform from a commodity into a brand for modern consumers to remain relevant within their category. An innovation strategy with a demand-driven research approach allowed us to better understand today’s retail rice consumers and the benefits those consumers are seeking.


We needed to develop innovation platforms to focus on value-added growth opportunities using qualitative and quantitative research findings. Then, we could prioritize the innovation platforms and develop concepts to address consumer needs to maintain a healthy pipeline of products.

Modern Consumer Insight

Today’s food explorers show a desire to incorporate worldly flavors into their cooking while also describing an increasing need for convenience.


We identified an opportunity within the innovation pipeline for Riceland to enter the high growth microwavable rice segment. Combining a unique brand positioning with a microwavable retort rice product line, Riceland could connect to consumers' need for more convenience and their desire to incorporate more worldly flavors into their cooking. 

By leveraging consumer research throughout the U.S., we continually refined the brand positioning, design system and product formulation to arrive at the optimal product solution to deliver against the modern consumer insight.


  • 90%

    of consumers prefer Rice ‘N Easy microwavable rice.

  • 2.5K

    stores initially distributed the products.

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