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CPG: Fruit of the Loom, Inc.

Fruitful futures.

A sustainable framework.

As a global leader in the garment industry, Fruit of the Loom, Inc. had a strong, growing commitment to sustainability — but wanted to do more to increase its efforts and inspire the world to do the same. They came to Barkley to build a holistic approach to connect its mission with consumers, ultimately impacting the world and the future for the better.

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People want to know the products they buy are safe for them and their families — made with respect for humanity and regard to ever-changing climate conditions that remain a top concern for so many.


Based on a comprehensive understanding of the issues relevant to all stakeholders and assessing Fruit of the Loom, Inc.’s current impact, Barkley needed to define its sustainability purpose and how to measure impact moving forward. Working with a cross-functional team from manufacturing to brand marketing, we used the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a framework and identified the SDGs relevant to their business.


This led to the creation of Fruitful Futures, Fruit of the Loom, Inc.’s first-ever global sustainability plan to deliver essential goods fit for the changing world. Fruitful Futures connects its portfolio of heritage brands and its global workforce to commitment across three main pillars: People, Planet, and Product, to elevate sustainability efforts geared to make each day better than the last. In September, external stakeholders received a first-ever annual global sustainability report outlining the company's highlights and commitments for the future. These efforts unified all of the organization’s iconic brands, which then customized the plans and brought them to life in ways unique to each brand.


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