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Second chance of a lifetime.

Missouri Lottery: Second chance of a lifetime.


Since its inception the Missouri Lottery has offered fun and entertaining lottery games. Lottery players came to know and expect summer and holiday promotions where they could enter non-winning tickets for a chance to win cash and prizes. Entry numbers became stagnant, especially with new and younger players.

Modern Consumer Insight

Consumer research, especially with Millennial audiences, indicated that they now value cash and physical possessions less than ever. We found that potential players value experiences, travel and stories they can tell for the rest of their lives more than a shiny new car.


We created The Second Chance of a Lifetime, a second chance prize pool that gives players a chance to win once-in-a-lifetime experiential prizes that they would never be able to do (or think to do) themselves. Initial prizes included trips to attend the Academy Awards Viewing Party at Elton John’s mansion, a Montana Fishing adventure documented by an award winning cinematographer a VIP culinary tour of Italy. For the promotional period highlighted in this case study, entitled The Summer Thrills Promotion, we gave lottery players the chance to enter tickets for the chance to win one of three once-in-a-lifetime outdoor adventures to the Serengeti, the Australian Outback or Yellowstone.


  • 50%+

    loyalty club members come from Millennial and Gen Z age groups.

  • YOY

    record-setting promotion entries with consistent growth.

“Barkley goes to unbelievable lengths to showcase our experiential prizes," said May Scheve Reardon Executive Director of the Missouri Lottery. "Using small pets dressed as wild animals is a truly unique way to grab the viewer's attention and tickle their funny bone.”

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