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Go where you feel.

Go where you feel.

Winnebago is an iconic American brand that hadn’t done a brand-level marketing campaign in a long time. As buyers continue to trend younger than ever, the brand and its voice needed to speak directly to new buyers and current customers in a way that would reestablish its eponym status and breathe new life into the RV category. We modernized the brand for today’s driver who wants more innovation, flexibility, and freedom to live the life they want. They want a Life Without Limits, and Winnebago is here for it.


We needed to appeal to the next generation of adventure seekers, who were flooding the RV market during the isolation of the pandemic. While Boomer and GenX audiences were on familiar terms with the brand, younger audiences were less familiar and didn’t know what they were missing.

Modern Consumer Insight

We set out to regain Winnebago’s brand eponym status with everyone - but especially younger audiences - through a story that reflected a new, modern chapter of aspirational wanderlust and the emotional storytelling that supports it.


Barkley defined and activated a new red thread for Winnebago - a singular, core idea that drives every aspect of the business from the inside out (including but not limited to advertising, DEIB, + product innovations) called “Built for a life without limits”. This mirrored the changing culture of the company internally, and the changing demographics of the Winnebago customer externally. This new perspective let us speak to Winnebago having the innovation, variety, and community to support this audience who were coming into the category - many for the first time. This inspired the latest brand campaign “Go where you feel” which conveyed Winnebago's pillars in vignettes of awe, exhilaration, wanderlust, belonging, anticipation, and harmony.


  • 14%

    increase in brand awareness from six months prior.

  • 8%

    jump in unaided awareness among millennials.

  • 92%

    of millennial consumers had a “much better” or “somewhat better impression” of Winnebago following the release of the Go Where You Feel commercial.

  • 94%

    of consumers who went online to get more information from or a dealer website.

  • 97%

    video completion rate (2% above benchmark).


  • AAF Region D9: Silver, Film, Video + Cinematography


“Barkley helped us channel a message that you’re never too young or too old to start exploring and it was time to remind everyone that Winnebago is the best way to do that,” said Kunal Mehta, head of strategy, marketing & business development, Winnebago. “We wanted a campaign that celebrated new and experienced travelers alike, along with anyone who has taken on the adventure of the road less traveled. It’s an open invitation to join our thriving community, and discover what ‘go where you feel’ means in your own life.”

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